Day: February 8, 2024

Forklift Train the Trainer – Keep Your Employees Safe and ProductiveForklift Train the Trainer – Keep Your Employees Safe and Productive

forklift train the trainer

About 100 workers die every week on the job in the US, and many of these accidents involve forklifts. With the right training materials, a good forklift train the trainer can make it much easier to keep your employees safe and productive.

This type of training gives you a qualified forklift train the trainer instructor who is able to teach the proper use and operation of forklifts in your workplace. They are also able to conduct the hands-on practical evaluations required by OSHA for new and experienced forklift operators.

Becoming the Expert: Your Guide to Forklift Train-the-Trainer Programs

Forklift train the trainers are highly valued in a company for their knowledge of safety regulations, as well as their ability to effectively teach others. They can provide their training to a small group of new operators, or large groups of experienced employees. In addition, they can offer valuable on-the-job advice and support to employees as they learn the basics of forklift operation.

A good forklift train the trainer will be able to provide detailed instructions on how to use the various types of forklifts your employees are likely to encounter on the job, as well as tips on minimizing damage to equipment and the work area. They will also know the rules regarding using common attachments like fork extensions, barrel clamps, and carpet poles.

Choose a forklift train the trainer course that is clear about its costs, and includes all training materials. Stay away from training companies that charge for the trainer’s course, then require you to purchase the training material at an additional cost. Also look for a training course that does not expire. This means that your trainers will be able to continue to teach other employees throughout the year.