Day: October 7, 2023

Tennis Court Maintenance TipsTennis Court Maintenance Tips

Tennis Court Maintenance

A well-maintained court will provide years of enjoyment and help prolong the life of the surface. Regular cleaning and inspection will prevent the need for expensive repairs.

Inspect the entire surface of the court, especially the low areas and edges for damage or cracking. If any cracks appear, they should be filled immediately to avoid further damage and the need for a costly tennis court resurfacing. Go here:

Look for evidence of mold or mildew. These organisms tend to grow in shaded areas where food, drinks or decaying materials are found. They can also form from the presence of foreign substances that are absorbed into the acrylic coating. Using a soft brush and a mild detergent solution, the affected area should be scrubbed gently to remove the spores or mildew. Applying a mold treatment solution annually will help reduce the amount of mildew that forms.

The Evolution of Tennis Court Technology: Maintenance for Modern Surfaces

Keep the surrounding landscaping a minimum of two feet away from the court surface. This will prevent root intrusion into the turf and will ensure that water drains off of the court and not into it.

During rainy periods the court surface should be cleared of standing water as soon as possible. Standing water creates puddles that can stain the surface and cause the coatings to wear prematurely.

Regularly sweeping the court with a nylon or hair-type broom and occasionally washing with a soft-bristled brush and a mild detergent solution will keep it in good condition. If you have a pressure washer available, it should be used carefully to prevent damage to the surface coatings. When using a pressure washer, limit the amount of time that the tip is held close to the surface, and never use excessive force.